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Advantages Of Taking ITIN Application Service via IRS Certified Acceptance Agent [CAA]

ITIN application submission can be done directly by the applicant or via IRS Approved Certified Acceptance Agents

What is the difference if service is not taken via IRS Certified Acceptance Agent?

The IRS certified Acceptance Agents are trained and professionally approved (some of the CAA are US CPA, IRS Enrolled Agents with many years of US tax compliance process experience) as approved by the IRS with a licensing process to verify the passports, foreign identification documents of the ITIN applicants. The main advantage of applying for the ITIN service is the applicant does not have to send their original passport to the IRS ITIN office. There is a high possibility of ITIN application rejection after a long wait time if the application is not submitted with the correct paperwork or ID validated by appropriate IRS-approved agents. Please note if the ITIN is rejected you need to send in a new application again.

Does applying for ITIN via IRS Certified Acceptance Agent an express service that expedites the process?

The simple answer is No. The ITIN application processing time is the same if the application is sent directly by the client or via Certified Acceptance Agents [CAA]. However, the application sent via CAA has a high level of approval rate as these teams are very experienced professionals who would do the complete document checks process and ensure the application is submitted accurately. For the normal ITIN application process time, please refer to this blog on the timeline

What are the other advantages of using the IRS Acceptance Agent [Certified Acceptance Agent -CAA] for the ITIN application process?

  • An experience CAA ensures that Form W7 is completed accurately.

  • Ensure the certificate of accuracy is completed

  • Ensure the valid passport certification, and passport number with the relevant wordings paperwork is submitted with the ITIN application

  • Certify the Foreign ID – Passports etc related to the ITIN application process

  • Ensure all supporting documents are enclosed for the ITIN application

  • Ensure the ITIN application is posted to the IRS ITIN operations office

  • If there is a delay in processing even after 12 weeks of submission of ITIN, the CAA can call the ITIN office to check the status of the application and get the number over the phone.

  • CAA ensures the ITIN approval success rate is 100%. Even if anything goes wrong with the ITIN rejection have an additional responsibility to reapply without charging any additional cost to the client and ensure the ITIN is approved successfully.

As an IRS-approved CAA with many years of experience, we exactly know the required documentation process for all the categories of ITIN application and we aim to ensure a 100% high success rate.

If you need assistance with the US TAX ID ITIN application process, We are one of the IRS Approved Certified Acceptance Agents who can assist with the ITIN application process with the process of passport certification completion of ITIN application, follow up and ensure the approval is done successfully.




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