Key Benefits of Using our firm for Your ITIN/Form W7 Application with Passport verification Service


IRS Approved CAA


As IRS ITIN Certified Acceptance Agents (CAA), we are authorized by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to verify supporting documentation (i.e. Passports,etc.) for all ITIN/ Form W-7 applications.

Fixed fee/Flexible Meeting time


We offer a fixed affordable fee with no hourly rates. The one-off fees cover our responsibility to ensure ITIN is approved successfully, We understand our clients have busy schedules and offer flexibility with meeting arrangements.

Eliminate The Risk of Original Documents loss and Rejection



By taking our team’s service you can eliminate the requirement of having to send original documents (i.e. Passport and other documents) to the IRS. Based on experience we aim to submit required supporting documents avoids delays in processing your refund, avoid ITIN rejection.


Read our Case studies section for our real ITIN Case scenarios handled by our team.
We can assist with ITIN Applications(below-listed regions) and EIN/US Tax assistance to Globally.

We are based in London (United Kingdom Head Office), with IRS representative in U.A.E, India, Singapore. Our U.A.E based IRS CAA representative can assist with ITIN application for the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman.

Our United Kingdom-based representative can assist with ITIN application for Austria, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine.

Our Singapore based representative can assist with ITIN application for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Hongkong, Japan, New Zealand.

Our India based representative can assist with ITIN application for the whole of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.

***Kindly note if you are based in London, Singapore, Dubai, Bangalore we can arrange for meeting at our office, home/hotel visit, metro station, local airports or central location café. For other above-listed areas & International destination (we can arrange for meeting subject to travel costs and availability of the representatives), Alternatively you can post us your original documents and we conduct the arrange for skype video call, Face time, Please email contact us for more information***





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