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US/UK Personal Tax [Form 1040/Form 1040NR/SA100]


US Citizen, Resident Aliens in the USA (who meet 183 days test), Green cardholders are required to declare their worldwide income taxes by completing Form 1040 tax return and declaration of all the Foreign Bank Account declarations.

Please refer to the FAQ section for more questions related to US personal tax 1040.

For Non-US Citizens/Foreign Nationals you have a tax filing obligation with the declaration to be reported on Form 1040NR if you receive any US-based income to be: for example:

  1. If you receive income from USA based rental property

  2. Receive income from US business

  3. If you receive an individual share of income from your US partnership investment Form 8805, Schedule K-1

  4. Receipt of dividend income from US investments

  5. Receipt of Gambling winnings

  6. If you receive a Form 1042S with tax withholding and the tax return is required to reclaim the excess tax withholding

  7. If you are claiming the US tax treaty position based on your residency claim then you need to file a US tax return.

  8.  The beneficiary of the US Pension/IRA/401K benefits – Form 1099R/1042S

  9.  Sold U.S.A property [ From 8288A/1099S] claiming FIRPRA tax refund claim.


Please refer to the FAQ section for more questions related to the US tax guide for foreign nationals.

UK Personal Tax Return


UK Residents and citizens need to file UK personal tax return If:

  1. You are self-employed

  2.  You are employed but you have income and gains arising outside of the United Kingdom

  3.  If you have employed and your income is currently on the PAYE tax system but your gross income exceeds £100,000.

  4.  US Citizens living in the UK for a long time and with Non-Domicile rules tax filing declaration in the UK to claim appropriate US/UK treaty position in the US tax return.

Please refer to the FAQ section for more questions related to the UK tax Residency position test.

If your employee of UK based Foreign Embassy [DCNI/DPNI Scheme]


If your working for the UK-based Foreign Embassy/Diplomatic office you have a special tax filing declaration of Nationals Insurance payment. Our team specializes in assisting UK citizens/residents and Diplomats working for Foreign Embassy. Our team can ensure to assist you to claim the appropriate tax exemptions claims and tax filing obligations.

Please refer to the FAQ section for more questions related to DCNI/DPNI.

We are an experienced team of US and UK Tax return preparers/consultants with Big 4 accounting firm experience and registered to practice in the UK and as Enrolled Agents with the IRS.

We work on a fixed fee basis and not on hourly rates. We aim to provide timely professional service with flexibility with time to schedule meetings with an initial free consultation over the phone calls.

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