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Foreign National Beneficiary of 401K distribution/Estate Income from the USA


We had dealt with 2 types of cases relevant to the above scenario.


Scenario 1 

Irina who is a French citizen widower of her late husband Mr. Smith (US Citizen). Irina was informed by the Fidelity 40lK US pension distribution team that Irina is the beneficiary of the 401K distribution income and was asked to obtain ITIN to release the funds. Our team helped to obtain ITIN and also obtain a refund for excess withholding on Form 1099R/1042S.


Scenario 2

Donald (Irish Citizen) and Samantha (UK Citizen) are beneficiaries of estate income distribution from their late father Mr. Johnson via court-appointed executors/attorneys. Our team assisted in obtaining the ITIN successfully for both of these beneficiaries.

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