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IRS Acceptance Agent in UAE General Information on ITIN

IRS Acceptance Agent in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

General Helpful Information on ITIN


Common Categories of ITIN service we provide from our team

  1. ITIN for the spouse of an American Citizen: Applications for individuals who are applying for a new ITIN as a spouse or a dependent of a primary taxpayer must attach a valid U.S. Federal income tax return to the Form W-7.

  2. ITIN for foreign Investor with US LLC and LLP: ITIN applications for individuals who own an LLC or Inc and need a USTAX ID for payment of sales tax, income tax, and tax treaty benefits.

  3. ITIN for foreign Investor in US Rental Property: ITIN applications for individuals who own a USA-based property who renting it out and need an ITIN for pay their state and local tax.

  4. ITIN for FIRPTA Tax Reclaim when USA property is sold: ITIN applications are required for individuals who are selling a USA-based property and have had FIRPTA Tax of 10 or 15% withheld on Form 8288A and now claiming a refund back.

  5. ITIN for foreign partners of USA Based LLP: ITIN applications are needed by Foreign Investors/partners with USA-based LLP, The US tax ID is required to report their share of distribution on K-1, Reporting on Form 8805 and tax reclaim via 1040NR Tax Return.

  6. Other categories to include:

    1. The beneficiary of the deceased taxpayer

    2. 401K beneficiary

    3. Estate income

    4. USA Gambling winning

    5. Tax treaty claims

    6. Unclaimed Property

If you need assistance with the US TAX ID ITIN application process, We are one of the IRS Approved Certified Acceptance Agents who can assist with the ITIN application process with the process of passport certification completion of ITIN application, follow up and ensure the approval is done successfully.



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