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Common Reasons for ITIN Rejection

ITIN Rejection even after certification of passport, Sending original passport to IRS, I received CP567 notice. What to do now? FAQ.

How do I know if my ITIN is rejection?

The IRS will send you a letter for the ITIN rejection with a notice number CP567 with case number provided on the right top corner of your rejection letter to your mailing correspondence address listed on the Form W7 ITIN application. If you had taken the service via an experienced competent certified acceptance agent (CAA) then these acceptance agents would receive one copy of the rejection letter and this team would sort out the ITIN rejection issue by calling the ITIN operation office. CP567 Sample letter click here

What are the common causes of ITIN rejection or to receive CP567 notice?

Listed below are the common reasons of Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) Rejections:

  1. Not enclosing the original passport (if applicants decide to complete the ITIN application without Acceptance Agents Assistance)

  2. Enclosing passport certification done by Notary Public or Apostille which the IRS ITIN office does not accept as valid certification anymore from the year 2011 onwards.

  3. The applicant not completing the Form W7 ITIN application correctly or the Form W7 application is incomplete with half the information only.

  4. There is no original or wet signature on the Form W7 form

  5. The correct supporting letter was not enclosed.

  6. 1040 tax return nor enclosed for Spouse/Dependents of US Citizen

  7. US Visa page, medical or school records not provided for dependent of US Citizen.

  8. 1040NR tax return not enclosed if filed by non-US Citizens

  9. Court-appointed letter not enclosed for estate income distribution

  10. Form 8288/8288A, Contract of sale agreement not enclosed if ITIN application is for sale of USA Property.

  11. Supporting evidence of home mortgage loan, if the ITIN application is for mortgage interest

  12. CP48 Notice or last filed tax return copy if this application is for the ITIN renewal.

What do I do now if I received a CP567 notice or ITIN rejection letter?

If the ITIN application is rejected with a CP567 notice letter issued, you have an option to re-apply with a new ITIN application by completing Form W7 and ensuring the supporting documents are enclosed and the new application is filled out correctly this time.

If you are not confident or stressed out about the ITIN application process with several rejections and delays in the past, you can use one of the IRS approved certified acceptance agent[CAA] in your country to take care of your ITIN application process who can call ITIN operations office if any further rejections happen and take complete responsibility to have ITIN approval with the new application process.

We are one of the IRS-approved Certified Acceptance Agent [CAA] in below listed countries with many years of experience with the ITIN application process, OWe are happy to assist our clients in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way.



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