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What you must do, if you cannot file your 2021 US Personal tax return 1040 by the 15th of June 2022.

If you cannot file your 1040 tax return by 15th June 2022, You can file an extension to file a US tax return until 15th October 2022 by completing simple Form 4868 via the IRS website or via sending it via post. Please note by filing an extension to file only helps to avoid late filing penalty fees from the IRS which can range from 5% to 25% of the tax due per month. If you owe any taxes for the 2022 tax year, there would be additional 4% interest charges per month from 18th April 2022 until the time of filing.

Are you an Accidental American living outside of the USA without a clue that you need to file your US tax return or never filed a US tax return in the past?

The term accidental Americans are often used when an American citizen is born in a foreign country or moved from the United States to a foreign country (let’s say for example the U.K) at a very young age with their American parents, and now as an adult working for U.K based firm and have no clue that he or she needs to file an American tax return or don’t know where to start, genuinely these individuals are under wrong assumptions they do not have US tax filing obligation, as they do not live in the United States, nor work for a USA based company, nor receive any USA based income. In reality, these individuals do have a tax filing obligation if their income is above the $12,500 threshold for the 2021 tax year as Single status filers. If you or your family member who are one of them and need assistance to get back into US tax compliance without any penalty our team can assist with all the appropriate compliance paperwork.

U.S. Tax 4 Expats/ Tax And Accounting Hub is a U.K.-based specialist boutique firm providing American Expatriate Personal Tax Compliance Service. Our firm aims to assist American Citizens living in the U.K. and overseas looking for a qualified local professional with Big 4 accounting firm experience in US/UK personal tax expertise. please get in touch. You can check on one of our below-listed websites or call Kader Ameen at +442082211154/+447914393183 or email

Please visit our website for FAQ related to ITIN and US Tax Assistance.

We are one of the IRS Enrolled Agents with many years of experience in US 1040/1040NR personal tax compliance reporting and Fatca Compliance FBAR Reporting, We are happy to assist our clients in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way.



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